What most contributed in making Novamarine vessels outstanding if compared with other products available on the market and targeted for the same scopes, is the unique technology of the project which also provided Novamarine boats with some advantages that a traditional RIB could never offer.
The special structure, already thoroughly tested by Novamarine and adopted, in its products, by several civil and military services for professional objectives, is based on a project that was inspired by the typical advantages of the RIB, but with the elimination of their limits and with an additional emphasis on their virtues.
This result was achieved thanks to a cell-closed material the tube is made of, which allows to maintain the project’ features, even after severe impacts or lacerations. Such material is externally protected by a strong and robust coating. It was possible to adopt this external coating thanks to the absence of inflated parts, which has granted greater freedom in the choice of the shapes. The external coating already implemented on other projects, were also coupled with ballistic materials with the aim of protecting the crew members, as the boat cannot be damaged in such a way to jeopardize its functionality.

The choice of this material, together with the absence of restrictions regarding the shape, has allowed to develop a tube design that can guarantee the hydrodynamic function requested for such elements, regardless of the speed and load conditions.
In a traditional RIB the hydrodynamic function of the tube is inversely proportional to the dimensions of the vessel as well as to the increase in speed and, therefore, to the hull lift. In a Novamarine vessel the function of all these elements remains unchanged thus assuring a trimaran trim. This gives origin to the stability and seakeeping qualities of Novamarine vessels.
As for the advantages due to the presence of foam-filled tubes, instead of pneumatic ones, the most important when it comes to the operational use of the vessel is represented by the structural gunwales, the same you can find on a traditional boat.
They allow to have a reliable protection for the crew, a support to install research or defence weapons systems on and also allow for greater spaces on board, unlike a traditional RIB.
A “Sea Fighter Interceptor” guarantees the maximum operational capability possible on crafts of such dimensions in all conditions it has to work. In addition to this, it offers high safety levels for the crew members thanks to the structure elevated on the waterline and the internal spaces which always allow to operate in a dry and adequate environment. The features of the traditional RIB can be found on a “Sea Fighter Interceptor” in terms of the filled tube but, unlike a traditional RIB, Novamarine crafts possess a D-shaped section which follows the layout of the waterlines in order to avoid losing the contact in the aft areas where their function is required for speed reasons. The distinctive features of a “Sea Fighter Interceptor” are represented by the wide internal spaces and the structural gunwales where all systems required for the best operational result can be mounted on.

“The Sea Fighter Interceptor” is a synonym for safety and security. Safety, because of its capability to be polyvalent and, therefore, safe not only for the crew, but also because it can be efficiently used for sea rescue. Security, because of its extraordinary operational capability, that can never be jeopardized, and always guarantees a return to the base. The operational capability of this craft was thoroughly analysed by Novamarine, as the filled tube does not compromise its features, not even in case of severe impact with another vessel or firefighting; therefore a craft that returns from a complex operation is always capable to go back to the sea for a new mission. The damages the boat can suffer are exclusively aesthetical and, in any case, easily repairable with appropriate kits. Each Novamarine vessel can be fitted for the authorities that perform sea rescue operations, for department committed in “combat” operations, for the transport of goods and people, for the authorities that carry out Marine Police duties or boundaries patrolling. The constant with them is the shipbuilding project, the variable features are the requests of each department for the fitting.