Research and Advantages

Innovation is more and more important, mostly on a continuously growing market.
Our professionals, thanks to their 30 years expertise, keep on experimenting new construction methods, using last-generation materials. This is the way new ideas are created and they make our crafts more efficient and safe, with unmatched performances and suitable for the numerous requirements of our customers. Every vessel has different features.
Our team work in order to produce vessels that are, from the very first design, the result of high-level engineering perfectly blended with “handmade” characteristics. The hull layout offers stability at any speed. The tubes, with a semi-circular shape and made in a special cell-closed foam, allow to build hull with higher topsides, enhancing safety and liveability, as they allow for greater spaces inside.
The teak, steel parts, and fabrics used are top-quality and long-lasting.
Record performances, manoeuvrablity and unique quality are just a few of the features that make this product one-of-a-kind.