The Professional Line is the range of Novamarine professional crafts designed and created to be unique hulls that can be used in several specific fields.

Novamarine Professional vessels are extremely powerful vessels, stable, safe and extremely resistant and very reliable even in the most extreme uses.

Novamarine, synonym for state-of-the-art and high-quality, is an Italian brand that was one of the World first brand to build ribs with a rigid hull.

Over the years, Novamarine has achieved outstanding results in the supply of military and professional ribs to the World’s biggest organisation as the Navy Seals, the UK Navy, coast guard and fire fighters.
Novamarine is a wholly Italian company: the entire production is carried out inside SNO Yachts facilities in Olbia, one of the biggest shipyard for service, winter storage and brokerage of the Mediterranean.
Today, after years dedicated to research and development, Novamarine uses high-tech projects to create unparalleled boats at the highest level that meet complex operational needs and very different from each other.
Entirely custom, Novamarine vessels are designed and “tailor-made” according to the specific requirements of the buyer, besides the type of use of the boat.
Novamarine compliance with the requirements concerning the management systems of quality standards and its relentless work to provide excellent products were officially acknowledged with the attainment of the most renowned and important international certificates: RINAMIL, certification ISO 9001:2008, IQ NET, CISQ, CE.

Novamarine Professional crafts share some fundamental distinctive features:
- Absolute stability ensured by the revolutionary foam filled tube;
- Operating speed and exhilarating performances;
- Exceptional Seakeeping;
- Crew and vessel safety;
- Manoeuvrability, seaworthiness, comfort and ultra-responsive handling;
- These vessels are easily repairable and regeneration of its components is quite straightforward;
- Ensure efficiency even during firefights and following strong impacts or holes on the tube;
- Certificates issued by International Authorities.

The 4 main lines are:

50 ob | 60 ob | 70 ob | 85 ob – iob | 100 ob – iob | 110 jet |120 ob – jet | 140 jet

100 ob – iob | 120 ob – iob | 140 jet

85 ob – iob | 100 ob - iob

100 ob – iob | 110 ob – iob | 120 ob - iob – jet | 140 jet | 220 jet